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  • Slocum Revolver - Silver Plated Engraved Model / Sold

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    Slocum Revolver - Silver Plated Engraved Model - Inventory Number: HAN 133 / Sold

    Serial # 4546 of 10,000

    Manufactured in Brooklyn, N.Y., by the Brooklyn Arms Company, the Slocum revolver was a unique design with individual cylinder chamber sections in the form of sliding tubes. Built this way to evade the Smith & Wesson-held Rollin White patent on bored-through cylinders, the .32-caliber Slocum was a popular Civil War-era choice for personal protection, and more than 10,000 were produced.

    This revolver was manufactured in 1863.  This is a .32 caliber weapon with a 5-shot cylinder and a 3-inch barrel.  Each cylinder is an individual unit and will manually slide forward for loading and ejecting the rim fire cartridge.  Frame is made of brass with silver plating with a scroll design.  Walnut grips have a baglike curvature.   Barrel is nicely marked on top “B.A. CO. PATENTED APRIL 14, 1863.”  The overall condition of this piece is excellent.  Nearly all silver plating is intact on the frame as well as the barrel and cylinder.  Action is crisp and each cylinder moves as it should.

    Inventory Number: HAN 133 / Sold