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  • Smith & Wesson No.2 “Army” Revolver

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    Smith & Wesson No.2 “Army” Revolver - Inventory Number:  HAN 247

    One of the most popular metallic cartridge revolvers of the American Civil War period. The Smith & Wesson No 2 Old Army revolver was a six shot, .32 caliber single action revolver that fired a .32 caliber rimfire cartridge. The revolver was introduced in 1861 and remained in production until 1874. During that time some 77,155 revolvers were manufactured. Those pistols under serial number 35,731 were produced prior to May 1, 1865, and are considered revolvers that may have seen Civil War use. This example is very early produced and bears the serial number: 1,558.

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    Inventory Number:  HAN 247