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  • SNY State of New York - Box Plate / Sold

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    SNY State of New York - Box Plate - Inventory Number: BEL 286 / Sold

    At the beginning of the Civil war, the State of New York issued brass waist belt plates and cartridge box plate to its first volunteer infantry regiments deploying for field service. 

    Box plates were attached to the outer flap of the cartridge box and served both as a decoration and to help hold down and keep closed the box flap to protect the paper rounds inside the box. 

    This example is a non-dug oval SNY box plate in very good overall. The plate measures approximately 2.2” x 3.5” and is die-struck rolled sheet brass construction. Face of this specimen is in very good condition as is the reverse.  The two iron loops are present.  This SNY cartridge box plate would be a fine addition to any Civil War accoutrement plate collection or New York military display.

    Inventory Number: BEL 286 / Sold