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  • Soldier's Personal Effects Box / SOLD

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    Soldier’s Personal Effects Box - Inventory Number: GRO 023 / SOLD

     Wonderful handmade Civil War wooden box measuring 14” x 6 ½” x 5 ½” with original black paint.  Lap seamed with hand-cut nails and lined with polished cotton and trimmed in silk ribbon.  The lower compartments are padded and is held fast via wood washers and hand forged nails. The interior of the lid has a pair of CDV images framed in white and brown velvet cording held fast via wood washers and hand forged nails.  The officer is wearing gauntlets and proudly displaying his Hardee hat with his model 1850 foot officers sword at his side.  The other image (presumably his wife) wears a checkered dress and is likewise trimmed in velvet.  Mounted to the right of the images is a intricately made pillow featuring over 100 circular glass beads delicately arranged and trimmed in identical velvet cording. When found this box contained a haversack, chevron, a carved tooth on a pedestal and textile brush.   The haversack is constructed of cotton ticking with alternating striped pattern and strap 9 ¼” x 8” with strap of 36” long ticked material exhibiting a pair of intentional slits with remnants of leather ties remaining.  The chevron appears to be from a military school and is the rank of sergeant with three black interconnected stripes on grey field.  A neat personal effects box with original contents. 

    Inventory Number: GRO 023 / SOLD