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  • Spanish Pattern Enfield Rifle Civil War Musket / SOLD

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    Spanish Pattern Enfield Rifle Civil War Musket - This is a great example of a percussion long arm that is scarcely encountered today. It is a Spanish Model 1857 Rifle Musket. In the 1850’s the Spanish adopted a series of percussion long arms that were nearly exact copies of the English Pattern 1853 Enfield family of arms. While all Spanish percussion military arms are rare, the longer, “3-band” rifle muskets are extremely scarce. The lockplate bears a crown and is dated "1865".  The stock has a Spanish proof mark, "OVIEDO", and is numbered "No 5817".  Cartouche on barrel.  Rings are sub-inspector marked.  Barrel retains bold "1865" and manufacturer markings.  A very scarce rifle musket that would enhance any collection. 

    Inventory Number: RIF 007 / SOLD