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  • Spur from the Gettysburg Battlefield - Recovered from the Manor of Maske, Gettysburg, PA / Sold

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    Spur from the Gettysburg Battlefield - Sold

    Recovered from the Manor of Maske, Gettysburg, PA.  Found in 1991 by Relic Hunter Ed Miller

    Settlement of Adams County occurred before the treaty with the natives. In 1736, the Penns purchased all the region lying west of the lower Susquehanna from the Indians.  The pioneers of the township came here between 1733 and 1739, from Ireland.

    In 1740, the Penns named it 'The Manor of the Maske.' In 1729, in order to protect this southern portion of Penna from Maryland's incursion, the governor had asked the Penns for fighting men to protect the region. 140 families from Ulster were sent instead, and they built homes and settled the land. When the Penn brothers laid out the manor, they ordered the settlers removed. This was not to be a job so easily accomplished and they were threatened with force of arms. 

    The concept of a manor was not new to the Penn family; It had been resurrected by the English for William Penn roughly 3 centuries after the last grant of a manor in England.  The Manor of Maske was one of "forty-four manors in the eastern, western and other parts of a Pennsylvania, aggregating 421, 015 acres and 82 perches".  Thomas & Richard Penn retained, in what became Adams County [formed from York] the 43,500-acre Manor of Maske.  and this Penn estate was the second largest manor in terms of size.  Robert McCurdy and his wife Ann Creighton settled in the region of the Manor of Maske in 1780.

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