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  • Standard Federal Issue 1864 Contract Knapsack / SOLD

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    Standard Federal Issue 1864 Contract Knapsack - Inventory Number: LEA 247 / SOLD

    A good example of the standard issue double bag knapsack constructed of painted canvas. The shoulder straps and cross straps are pliable and retain all their attachment hooks. The bag opens to reveal two inside pockets. One has a flap with one leather tie still intact while the other has four folds that come together and buckle into place to form a pocket. The anchors for the blanket straps are present along the top, and app roller buckles and straps are present. The canvas has tears along some of the seams, but the knapsack is still in one piece. Nice representative example of this basic piece of the Civil War Union soldier's equipment and becoming increasingly hard to find.

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    Inventory Number: LEA 247 / SOLD