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  • The Engagement Between the "Monitor" & "Merrimac"

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    The Engagement Between the "Monitor" & "Merrimac" - Inventory Number: PRI 152

    From Samuel M. Schmucker's The History of the Civil War in the United States.  Revised and completed by Dr. L. P. Brockett.  Philadelphia: Jones Bros. & Co. and Chicago: Zeigler, McCurdy & Co, 1865, 4 x 6 ¼.  Engraving.

    In 1863, even before the Civil War ended, historian Samuel Mosheim Schmucker (1823-1863) produced A History of the Civil War: with a preliminary view of its causes, and biographical sketches of its heroes.  It contained a series of terrific engravings of scenes from the Civil War mezzotinted by John Sartain and his son Samuel.  This unusual image of the battle between Monitor and the Merrimac is a good example of their work.

    Inventory Number: PRI 152