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  • Topographical Engineers Shoulder Bars

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    Topographical Engineers Shoulder Bars - Inventory Number:  INS 296

    Very Rare 2nd Lieutenant Topographical Engineer Shoulder Straps.  Dating from 1851-1863.  These bars were part of the renown General Edward Burka collection. They are accompanied by his article in which these straps were published, Summer of 2000 in the Company of Military Historian.  A number of officer’s served in the topographical engineers before their service in the Union and Confederate armies; J. Kirby Smith (CSA), Joseph E. Johnson (C.S.A.), Gouveneur K. Warren (U.S.), John C. Fremont (U.S.), George Gordon Meade (U.S.).

    Comes housed in an 8 x 14 inch display case with black velvet backing and descriptive card.

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     Inventory Number:  INS 296