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  • Union Officer's Haversack / Sold

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    Union Officer’s Haversack - Inventory Number: LEA 206 / Sold

    In good overall condition, this original, tarred canvas and leather haversack typical of the accoutrements carried by Federal officers while they were in the field.

    Likely a private purchase, this large, machine-made haversack is constructed of black bridle leather on the exterior and canvas cloth on the interior. Both sides have been coated with black pitch or tar. The haversack is in good condition, but it does suffer from scattered tears and rips.

    The large, tarred canvas pouch narrow at the top and wider at the bottom, measures 11” long x 13" wide x 2" deep.  The front flap exhibits a pair of large embossed floral scrolls aside an awesome Federal Shield. Opposite side of haversack is smooth and plain. The haversack's leather shoulder sling is in sound condition and would make an ideal addition to any officers’ display.

    Inventory Number: LEA 206 / Sold