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    United States Surgeon General’s Office - Inventory Number: MED 130  

     The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion.

    Washington D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1870-1888.  6 Volumes, 5579 Pages, First edition, a mix of first and issues as per usual.  A most important work.  This work consists of numerous statistical summaries relating to diseases, wounds, and deaths in both the Union and Confederate armies, with the overwhelming bulk of material formed from the reports of U.S. medical directors, surgeons, doctors, and hospital staff,  In addition to the statistical summaries, excerpts are presented from case studies of tens of thousands of victims and disease and injury during the war.  Not only is this account the basic source for medical data, but it comprises one of the finest collections of material relating to individual soldiers.  Hundreds of etchings, wood engravings, charts, and tables, as well as many photographs and color plates (lithographs, chromolithographs, albumen photographs, heliotypes, and woodburytypes) accompany the approximately 3,000 pages of densely printed text.