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  • Rare Spanish Copy of a Confederate Kerr Revolver / SOLD

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    Rare Spanish Copy of a Confederate Kerr Revolver - Spanish made five shot revolver is a copy of an early made Kerr revolver made at the Bermondsey Factory.  The cylinder is marked with a proof marked with an anchor with an "O" in the middle of it and R, anchor, C in an oval of an anchor with a C in an oval.  The top of the frame is proof marked with an "R" and an anchor and a "C" in an oval.  The "C" is also marked on the lockplate.  The right side of the frame bears the serial number "2633" with an anchor and the letter "C" within an oval.  An oval with the letter "C" also appears inside the trigger guard.  The frame, barrel lugs, hammer, and lock plate have simple two line border engraving, it is 11 mm caliber, with a 5 3/4" barrel. .  The walnut grips are checkered with a steel butt-cap and lanyard ring.  The cylinder pin has burrs making the action sluggish.   Naval rack number 121 is struck into the left grip.

    Inventory number: HAN 064 / SOLD

    Inventory Number: HAN 064