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  • US 1849 Mississippi Rifle Flask / SOLD

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    US 1849 Mississippi Rifle Flask - Inventory Number:  FIR 141 / SOLD

    Commonly called the Peace flask because of the design on each side, panoply of crossed cannons, flags etc. on each side. This one has outstanding patina and color to the brass, never polished, for the collector who desires the untouched items this defines that. Dated 1838, marked Ames.

    A well preserved "Peace Flask" brass military powder flask. Flask has a crisp raised design and solid tight side seams. The design consists of a spread-winged eagle above a circle of 20 five-pointed stars. In the center of the circle are a pair of clasping hands at the center of a sunburst. Below the circle of stars is a US shield at the center of a panoply of flags with crossed cannons and a Corinthian helmet. This design is found on both sides of the flask. On the side of the cap is a small lever for opening the horn to dispense powder into the spout or measurer. This lever operates properly. On each side of the flask just below the neck are two triangular sling keepers. In overall good generally untouched and unpolished condition showing a mottled bronze-tone patina. Has a nice heft to the weight of it. 


     Inventory Number:  FIR 141 / SOLD