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  • US Hospital Department Surgical Set by Julius Tiencken / SOLD

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    US Hospital Department Surgical Set by Julius Tiencken - Inventory Number: MED 190 / SOLD

    US Hospital Department Field Set by Julius Tiencken, who was a surgical instrument manufacturer during the Civil War (1863-1872) to Union forces. This rare Civil War surgical set from a minor supplier has seen some heavy use. The brass bound mahogany case with double military latches shows some wear and has a crack along the lid. There is a cut out on the lid where Tiencken originally placed a brass escutcheon that was engraved “U.S.A. Hospt. Dept.” The inside of the case is missing the velvet lined instrument inserts. Eight original Tiencken marked instruments are included. There are three ebony handled surgical knives of different lengths, which have some very light pitting in places and are still extremely sharp. The capital bone has some rust in places and is sturdy with an ebony and brass handle. Two different sizes of bullet extractors are present, as well as 2 varieties of bone cutting pliers. A small folding tenaculum with tortoise shell handle is included and bears the maker mark “W.R. Goulding New York,” who made surgical instruments for the army in the 1830s and 1840s. This set has a good selection of Civil War surgical instruments and would be a good candidate for restoration.

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    Inventory Number: MED 190 / SOLD