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  • U.S. Model 1836 Percussion Conversion Pistol / SOLD

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    U.S. Model 1836 Percussion Conversion Pistol - Inventory Number: HAN 189 / SOLD

    This .54 caliber smoothbore, single-shot flintlock Model 1836 pistol was made by Robert Johnson of Middletown, Connecticut. It has a round barrel and a barrel band strap that extends to the sideplate. It has a swivel type steel ramrod with button head, iron mountings, and the remnants of a brass flash pan. The lockplate marking “US/R. JOHNSON/MIDDN CONN/1837” is only partially visible. The barrel is stamped with the inspector’s mark “US/JA/P”. All iron parts have a light brown finish with scattered light pitting. The walnut stock is in good condition with typical wear from service. The Model 1836 was a modification of the Model 1826 pistol and was the last US martial pistol with a flintlock ignition system produced for contract with the US government. It was standard issue for the Mexican War, and many were converted to percussion for use during the American Civil War. Johnson’s factory in Middletown, Connecticut held 27 employees and six water wheels. On June 27, 1836, Johnson was contracted for 3,000 pistols at nine dollars each. He received a second contract for 15,000 more in 1840. A classic U.S. Percussion conversion pistol that could have seen use early in the Civil War.

     Inventory Number: HAN 189 / SOLD