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  • U.S. Schenkl Combination Fuse

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    U.S. Schenkl Combination Fuse - Inventory Number: ART 357

    One of the most technically advanced fuse designs of the Civil War. The combination fuse is made of zinc and has a time index on the face of the top flange graduated from zero to 9 1/2 seconds. A rotator knob was located at the top of the fuse and was turned to the desired number of seconds of burn time for the fuse. This fuse also had an internal percussion plunger. If the projectile struck anything prior to the set burn time it would act as a percussion shell. This example has been fired and still has some visible numbers on the time index. It measures 3” in length.  Excavated in Falmouth, Virginia, site of the Army of the Potomac’s encampment during the winter of 1862-1863.

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    Inventory Number: ART 357