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  • U.S. Schenkl Percussion Fuse

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    U.S. Schenkl Percussion Fuse - Inventory Number: ART 356

    Turned brass percussion fuse for the Schenkl artillery shell. The fuse would have originally had an internal plunger with a percussion cap at the end. The plunger would slide forward upon impact and strike a brass anvil cap that was screwed into the top of the fuse, setting off the percussion cap and igniting the gunpowder inside the shell. It measures 2 ¼” in length. This example is from an exploded Schenkl shell and has had the top section blown off.  Excavated in Falmouth, Virginia, site of the Army of the Potomac’s encampment during the winter of 1862-1863.

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    Inventory Number: ART 356