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  • USN Pistol Cartridge Box / SOLD

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    USN Pistol Cartridge Box - Inventory Number: LEA 197 / SOLD
    A belt-mounted revolver cartridge box with embossed “USN” on the cover flap, intended to hold six boxes of percussion revolver cartridges. The inner flap is marked “P.N.H. / NY”, and is still clear and legible The exterior leather is in good condition, some flaking along the edges of the cover, and on the flex points of the single belt loop on the back. The inner flap is solidly affixed, lacking the bottom of the closure tab.  The interior compartment is present and in sound condition.  The tab retains the scarce metal fitting. This is a hard-to-find Civil War navy item in good overall condition.

    Inventory Number: LEA 197 / SOLD