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    Veterans of the 32nd Iowa - Inventory Number: ALB 013 / Sold

    "Taken at Hampton Iowa Sept. 26th 1885 Late members of Co. "C" 32nd Iowa Vol. Infantry".

    18 Members of the Regiment posed with their silk ribbons depicting the 16th Corps badge.  

    Backmark D.D. Upson, Iowa 

    Thirty-second Infantry IOWA (3 years)


    Thirty-second Infantry.  Cols., John Scott, Gustavus A. Eberhart, Lieut.- Cols., Edward H. Mix, Gustavus A. Eberhart, Jonathan Hutchinson, Majs., Gustavus A. Eberhart, Jonathan Hutchinson, John R. Jones.

    This regiment was mustered into the service at Dubuque, Oct. 6, 1862 and was sent to St. Louis.  On Dec. 17 Cos. C and I started on an expedition west of New Madrid, during which they captured from the enemy 5 commissioned officers, 3 enlisted men, 35 horses and 50 head of cattle.  Col. Scott, with 20 men, examined the various points on the river between New Madrid and Cape Girardeau, where trade or smuggling was practicable.  On his return he brought a scouting party, 50 strong, from Cape Girardeau to Lane's landing, from which place it returned to Cape Girardeau through the interior, making a successful reconnaissance.

    Co. C was attached to the 4th MO cavalry as mounted infantry and engaged in arduous duties.  Co. E wea placed on duty at Fort Quinby, near Columbus, Ky., and H and K were sent to Island No. 10.  The duties at this place were largely in protecting the contraband colony and in guarding public stores though there were expeditions to either shore and some fighting.  In one of these affairs, Oct. 22, 1863, Private John D. Baker of Co H was killed by guerrillas.

    A detachment of six companies of the 32nd, B. C, E, H. I and K, participated with the 2nd brigade, 3rd division, 16th army corps, in the famous and successful Meridian raid of Gen. Sherman, in which the railroads were torn up and destroyed.  On Feb. 28, 1864, near Canton, Miss., a forage train of _2 teams, guarded by 25 men of Co. C, was attacked by 300 mounted Confederates.  A gallant resistance was made, the fight lasting over half an hour.  Private Edward Flood was killed. The Confederates admitted a loss of 25 killed and wounded. The train escaped with a loss of eight teams captured -- due to a panic among the teamsters.

    A detachment of the 32nd, Cos. A, D, F and G. was attached to a cavalry division under Gen. Davidson and remained with it until ordered to Vicksburg in Jan. 1864, to rejoin the regiment.  Gen. Davidson expressed his appreciation of the courage and fidelity of the detachment in a special order.

    On March 4 the regiment was reunited, and on the 10th it entered on the Red River expedition.  In Gen. Smith's division and Col. Shaw's brigade, it bore a gallant part in the marches and the battles of the campaign.  At the storming of Fort De Russy the brigade played a brilliant role.  In the battle of Pleasant Hill, Smith's division was ordered to the front, and Shaw's brigade, in the advance, did the hardest fighting of the day.  It seems almost incredible that the 32nd, cut off from its brigade and entirely surrounded, with nearly one-half of its numbers killed or wounded, not only held its own, but near dark fought its way through, joined the advanced troops, and in less than 30 minutes was ready to meet the enemy again.

    At the battle of Bayou de Glaize during the retreat the 32nd was actively engaged, its casualties being 5 wounded.  At Lake Chicot, in a sharp engagement of only a few minutes, the regiment lost 4 killed and 4 wounded.  The 32nd also participated in the Tupelo campaign, and was in the battle of Nashville with Col. Gilbert's brigade, Smith's division.  In the final charge on the afternoon of Dec. 16, the regiment captured a battery of 5 guns with 50 prisoners, losing 1 man killed and 25 wounded.

    The regiment was present at the siege and capture of Spanish Fort, and after the storming of Fort Blakely and the fall of Mobile it remained in Alabama until sent to Clinton, IA, where it was mustered out on Aug. 24, 1865.  During its term of service the regiment lost, in killed or died from wounds, 95; died from disease, 206; wounded, 142; discharged, 173.

    Inventory Number: ALB 013  / Sold