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  • Wartime and Veterans Medals of General Horatio Rogers

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    Wartime and Veterans Medals of General Horatio Rogers - Horatio Rogers Jr. enlisted as 1st Lieutenant on 8/27/61 in Co. "D" of the Rhode Island 3rd Heavy Artillery.  He was promoted to Major of the unit on 8/18/1862.  On 12/27/1862 he was promoted to the Colonel of the 11th R.I. Infantry.  On 2/6/1863 he was transferred as Colonel of the 2nd R.I. Infantry.  He resigned 1/15/64.  On 3/13/1865 he was brevetted Brigadier General for Gallantry. 

    Service - 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery - 10th Corps - Morris Island, SC., Fort Pulaski Siege, James Island, Pocotaglio, SC., Steamer Planter, Gunboat Washington.

    Service - 11th Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry - 6th Corps - Army Potomac

    Chancellorsville, Salem Heights, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg - Sedgwick Ave., Codori Farm, Little Round Top), Wilderness, Bristoe Station. 

    After participating and witnessing the carnage at Gettysburg he wrote, "Death seemed to be holding a carnival."

    After the war he rose to prominence as a lawyer and jurist, serving as Attorney General of Rhode Island from 1864 to 1867 and from 1888 to 1889.  From 1891 to 1903 he served as an Associate Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

    An extraordinary grouping of medals. 

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