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  • Wartime Note and CDV Image of General John White Geary

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    Wartime Note and CDV Image of General John White Geary - Inventory Number: GRO 085

    Geary was the Division Commander at Gettysburg on Culp’s Hill

    Wounded 5 Times in the Mexican American War

    Wounded 3 Times During the American Civil War

    His son Edward would die in his arms in October of 1863 at the Battle of Wauhatchie

    Wonderful hand-colored Wartime CDV image of Major General Geary

    Letter written to him is war related as the efficiency of having a “Bayonet Guard” while in the field.

    Transcription of the letter:

    General John W. Geary:

    Allow me to introduce to you the bearer of this letter. He takes with him a “movable bayonet guard”, intended for drilling purposes, which, to my judgment, recommends itself, as calculated to prevent accidents, which frequently occurred, especially with new recruits. I have no doubt it will attract your attention and illicit your approval. It has already done so from general Wool, Captain Dodge, and others, and would facilitate the instruction of recruits, and purpose them for the field in a shorter time than the process we have seen in the habit of using without a guard to the bayonet. The presenter seeks recommendation from general officers in all who have yet seen this “guard “recommended. If it meets your approval, anything you can do for it, will oblige.

    General, your obedient servant,

    Theodore D. Cochran “Voltigeur” in 5th Infantry Mexico.

    The response from General Geary is as follows. 

    “The bayonet guard I think would facilitate instruction in bayonet exercise. While in a camp of instruction, but cannot recommend it for general uses in the field.

    Jno. W. Geary

    Brig. Genl

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    Inventory Number: GRO 085