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  • William's "Cleaner" Cartridges / SOLD

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    William's "Cleaner Cartridges - Inventory Number: BUL 196 / SOLD

    Mint condition examples of the Federal .58 caliber Williams Patent "cleaner" bullet still wrapped in its original dark blue paper.  In mint condition, this .58 caliber lead projectile has a small lead washer / sabot inserted at the bullet's base and was designed to help remove excess black powder and residue rom the lands and grooves in a rifled musket.  A normal package of ten arsenal issued cartridges would contain eleven percussion caps and one Williams' patent cleaner bullet.  Unlike the standard minie balls that were enclosed in buff or brown paper, these "cleaner" bullets were always wrapped in dark blue paper.  Soldiers were instructed to fire a William's bullet on each 10th round.  

    We currently have three William's "Cleaner" Cartridges available at $225 each.

    Inventory Number: BUL 196 / SOLD