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  • Winfield Scott Hancock Token / SOLD

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    Winfield Scott Hancock Token - Inventory Number: POL 285 / SOLD

    1880 presidential campaign token for Winfield Scott Hancock.  The token is evenly dark on both sides with a hole atop, constructed of copper with a 1” diameter and showing some wear from rubbing and exposure to the elements.

    Hancock, was a United States Army officer and the Democratic nominee for president of the United States in 1880.  His army career lasted over 40 years and included service in the Mexican American war, he was a Union General in the civil war, he took part in the military reconstruction of the south and was involved with the army presence in the western frontier.  He was defeated for president by Republican James A. Garfield.  His Vice President was William Hayden English, of Indiana.  The obverse shows the military bust of WINFIELD S. HANCOCK in the center with his name at the rim.  The reverse at the rim reads SUPERB SOLDIER - A MODEL PRESIDENT and in the center, it shows a second corps badge.

    Comes housed in 5 x 6 riker display case with red velvet and descriptive card.


    Inventory Number: POL 285 / SOLD