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  • Wonderful Star Belt Plate

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    Wonderful Star Belt Plate - Inventory Number: CON 498

    This exquisite, clipped corner belt plate features a large, five-pointed star effect to the center. The border is finally chased in a floral scroll pattern with stippled background, showing bright gold in the recesses. The plate shows honest uses with some light rubbing to the high spots and some change in contour from being worn. The backside retains its original belt loop, and tongue. The solder marking in the center is fixing the attachment devices for the star to secure in place.

    The star motif is most strongly associated with militia units from Mississippi and Texas and this two-piece interlocking buckle was formerly in the collections of the Texas Civil War Museum. The star, of course, could be used in a patriotic spirit by any militia unit, who usually had considerable leeway in choosing their own uniforms, etc. A very scarce and beautiful example.

    Comes housed in 6 x 8 riker display case with black velvet and descriptive card.

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    Inventory Number: CON 498