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  • Rosewood Traveling Ink Bottle / Sold

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    Wooden Traveling Ink Bottle/Inkwell - The wood is nicely polished and has a light colored stain.  It is made of rosewood with a glass bottle inside.  Internal glass ink bottle is spring loaded to facilitate a leak-proof cork seal in lid.  There are lightly incised circles in the top screw lid and bottom of the case to seal the bottle and keep it from leaking during transport.

    There was a rapid increase in the consumption of ink during the Civil War, accompanied by the required bottles and inkwells to store the ink. The soldier was no longer at home, so his principal means of communication with his family was through letters.  There are several documented traveling inkwells which were used throughout the Civil War, but by far the barrel examples are the rarest and most difficult to find.  As with most of these inkwells, there is a small fracture in the lid, but this does not affect its opening and closing.  Would go great with a display of a soldiers personal effects, (particularly nice alongside a letter or with a pen).

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