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  • 1739 Spanish Colonial 8 Reales “Piece of Eight” / SOLD

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    1739 Spanish Colonial 8 Reales “Piece of Eight” - Inventory Number: CUR 093 / SOLD

    Spanish colonial silver Philip V 8 Reales coin, also known as a “piece of eight” as they were sometimes cut into eight pieces for smaller purchases or making change. The obverse features a crowned shield flanked by “M F 8” and the legend “PHILIP V. D. G. HISPAN. ET IND. REX.” The reverse has crowned globes flanked by crowned pillars wrapped in banners and the legend “Mo VTRAQUE VNUM Mo 1739.” The coin measures nearly 40mm by 2.4mm with a reeded edge. In very good condition with strong details. Spanish silver such as this was widely used in the American colonies and was legal tender in the United States until 1857.

     Comes housed in a 5 x 6 inch display case with black velvet backing and descriptive card.

    Inventory Number: CUR 093 / SOLD