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  • American Arms Over & Under – Double Derringer / SOLD

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    American Arms Over & Under – Double Derringer - Inventory Number:  HAN 223 / SOLD

    Very sharp looking example of the American Arms Co. Over & Under swivel barrel double Derringer, both barrels are .32 caliber rimfire black powder.  The barrels are 3” long, square butt as per Flayderman #8A-007. The brass frame retains much of the original silver-plated finish, excellent mechanically, markings are good, the rifling is good, the grips retain the original varnish and exhibit no cracks or chips.  This is one of approximately 5,000 of these manufactured in different calibers from 1866 to 1878.  This one is serial number 481 indicating 1st year of production.


     Inventory Number:  HAN 223 / SOLD