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    CDV, “The Children of the Battlefield” - Inventory Number:  GET 387 / SOLD

    Few “human interest” stories from Gettysburg are more famous and touching than the “Children of the Battlefield.” Reportedly found clutched in the hands of an unidentified dead union soldier, the image of three children was widely circulated in northern newspapers in an effort to identify the man and his family. The attention garnered by the campaign not only led to the identification of the soldier as Sergeant Amos Humiston of the 154th New York Infantry, but helped support the movement to establish a Pennsylvania “asylum” for the orphaned children of soldiers. Established in 1866 in Gettysburg, the asylum’s first matron was Mrs. Humiston, and her three children were residents. Fundraising was done in part through the sale of copies of the image. The front of the image shows a good copy of the original photo of Humiston’s three children, Frank, Frederick and Alice, with good detail and contrast. A great piece of Gettysburg battlefield history. 

    Comes housed in a 6 x 8 inch display case with red velvet backing and descriptive card.

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     Inventory Number:  GET 387 / SOLD