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  • Civil War Period Accordion – Flutina / Sold

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    Civil War Period Accordion – Flutina. - Inventory Number: MUS 080 / Sold

    Quality rosewood frame with ten mother-of-pearl keys, 10 semi-tone keys and brass octave and air release levers (working condition).  Gilt and green floral decorated bellows. Considering age, would rate in excellent condition. There is a period pencil inscription which is believed to read “Chas. Speidel” on the light wood rest new the large stopper.

    This versatile little musical instrument would surely have made any minimally skilled troop a favorite in field bivouac or winter camp. Some period use but still retains a solid, flexible bellows with almost no wear at the corners or splits or separations. The keys which are constructed of mother of pearl are near perfect. The squeeze box is in fact functional though we would recommend continued retirement as the best preservation. An outstanding little instrument.  This is the condition that one sees in a museum or rather extensive private collection.

    Inventory Number: MUS 080 / Sold