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  • Civil War Signal Corp’s Binoculars / SOLD

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    Civil War Signal Corp’s Binoculars – Inventory Number: CAM 460 / SOLD

    Rare U.S. government contracted binoculars manufactured with the desirable “Bardou &Sons / Paris” marking, excellent optics and original leather covering on body and lens shades. (see: W.C. Davis Fighting Men of the Civil War Union Signal Corps, p. 184) 

    Most frequently exposed to hard service, true Civil War vintage examples are seldom encountered in this condition. Bardou and Sons produced some of the periods finest optics to include early telegraph operator telescopes, the camera obscura, early scientific microscopes. His binoculars saw popular military use during the Civil War to include those for the U. S. Signal Corps.

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    Inventory Number: CAM 460 / SOLD