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  • Civil War US ‘Bullseye” Canteen / SOLD

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    Civil War US ‘Bullseye” Canteen - Inventory Number: CAN 115 / SOLD

    Civil War Union 8-ring canteen. This is the classic style known to collectors as the "Bullseye” pattern with the reinforcement rings stamped on each side. It still has all three of the original strap loops present. The original spout is present at the top of the canteen and is faintly marked "J.Hall Rohrman Philad." Joseph Hall Rohrman was a tinsmith that was contracted to produce 360,000 of this exact pattern between August 1863 and February 1864. These are frequently recovered from 1864-1865 Army of the Potomac sites in Virginia. This one was painted black long ago and has the typical dings and dents from use.


    Inventory Number: CAN 115 / SOLD