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  • Confederate “Captured and Collected” Model 1861 Springfield Rifle-Musket

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    Confederate “Captured and Collected” Model 1861 Springfield Rifle-Musket - Inventory Number: RIF 143

    In their desperate need for serviceable military arms, the Confederate Ordnance Bureau developed a system to recover, clean, repair, inspect, and reissue arms captured from Union soldiers and gleaned from the battlefield. Over 200,000 small arms of all types were eventually processed, with inspection stamp letters A, F, Q, T, and Z applied to the reissued guns, typically just in front of the trigger guard. This example is a Model 1861 Rifle-Musket produced at Springfield Armory in 1862. There is a captured and collected inspector marking “Z” in front of the trigger guard. The confederate manufactured stock is in good condition overall and has been sanded, with a circular wood repair on the stock comb that was probably done during the wartime “clean and repair” phase. The lock is mechanically perfect and holds on all positions. The nipple is a replacement. The barrel lacks any visible date or “VP and eagle” proof markings and has been bored out to .60 caliber with no visible rifling remaining. The ramrod is original and full length with the threaded end intact. All iron surfaces have taken on a smooth, plum patina. This is a bona fide Confederate used rifle-musket that will display well in any Civil War collection. 

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    Inventory Number: RIF 143