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  • Confederate “Fayetteville” Bayonet / SOLD

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    Confederate  “Fayetteville” Bayonet - Inventory Number: CON 235 / SOLD

    This is a fine example of a Civil War angular socket bayonet that was produced by the Confederate States of America at their arsenal in Fayetteville North Carolina. The bayonet is completely unmarked which is standard with bayonets produced in the Fayetteville Arsenal. The blade is 13/16” wide at its widest point. The Fayetteville socket bayonet is depicted in Robert Reilly’s book. “American Socket Bayonets & Scabbards” and is referenced as item #B116.  The bayonet is complete with a large domed tension screw that is typically found on the Fayetteville bayonet locking ring.

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    Inventory Number: CON 235 / SOLD