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  • Devlin's 1st Division Sheridan’s Cavalry Medallion / SOLD

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    Devlin's 1st Division Sheridan’s Cavalry Medallion - Inventory Number: MIS 101 / SOLD

    A.K.A. The “Five Forks Medal”

    Five gold forks form a five-pointed star. Engraved in center, “Devin’s 1st Division Carried the Five Forks A. Lincoln.” Around star is engraved, “Sheridan’s Cavalry Co. D Cal. Bat. F. 2nd Mass. Cav. Res. Brig.” Other side is blank. This Medal was formerly part of the MOLLUS museum collection inventory 86.45.11 This Medal is photographed in the book: The Commanders of the Civil War by William Davis on pg. 245.  

    Inventory Number: MIS 101 / SOLD