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  • “Gettysburg 50th Reunion” / SOLD

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    “Gettysburg 50th Reunion” - Inventory Number: GET 411 / SOLD

    Three-piece ribbon / medallion. Brass bar with enamel field and text: "GUEST - Pennsylvania Commission" in .25 lettering. Blue and grey ribbon.  Brass engraved double-sided pendant medallion. Obverse features two kneeling veteran w/inscription: "Fiftieth Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg/1863 RE-UNION 1913." Reverse features handshake and Reunion Civil War veterans 1913." The medallion exhibits crisp casting. Highly attractive, & highly desirable for Gettysburg re-union aficionados.

    The Reunion – Held on June 29 - July 5, 1913 – was the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. This was the largest single reunion of Civil War Veterans ever held. In all the official report of the reunion (Pennsylvania Commission) shows that a total of 53,407 Veterans - 45,233 Yankees and 8,174 Confederates, attended this event. The average age of the Veterans in attendance was reported at 72!

    Comes housed in 6 inch x 8 inch riker display case with red velvet backing and descriptive card.


    Inventory Number: GET 411 / SOLD