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    Confederate Soldier’s Keepsake - Inventory Number: CON 209

    “Camp Gregg - Morses Neck - Rhappahannock -1863”

    Belonging to Hiram W. Hammond of Co. “E”, 35th Georgia Infantry

    Incredible and touching solder’s artifact from the Confederacy.  This carved wooden keepsake containing a CDV image of his wife, a four-leaf clover and poem, belonged to Hiram W. Hammond of Co. “E”, 35th Georgia Infantry.  Hiram enlisted on 8/12/1861 as a Private from Campbell County GA; On 8/12/1861 he mustered into "E" Co. GA 35th Infantry. He was Wounded 5/12/1864 Spotsylvania Court House, VA, taken Prisoner of War on 4/3/1865 at Richmond, VA.  He took the oath of allegiance 6/26/1865 Newport News, VA and was released.

    CDV of Emily Cumming Hammond.  Hand written note reads, "Her husband was Hiram Hamond from a Georgia Regt. Carried this picture of his wife in this container with him in the Civil War." - Reverse: "Bought from family in Dekalb Co. Georgia."

    Poem on four-leaf clover reads: " Memory / Around me shall hover / In sadness or glee / Till life's dream be over / Sweet memories of thee." 

    Wooden keepsake is carved with" Camp Gregg / Morse's Neck / Rhappahannock 1863".  Reverse: Hand-carved monogrammed initial "H".

    Camp Gregg – Occupied by the 35th Georgia - After the Union Army had retreated across the Rappahannock, the two armies went into encampments all along the river. Hill's men built Camp Gregg about 8 miles south of Fredericksburg. Life for the soldiers, as well as the citizens of the decimated town, was horrible during the next few winter months. But by this time, the soldiers had become accustomed to horrible conditions and passed the days doing the things encamped soldiers did to keep busy. Barbing, or trading with Union sentinels on the opposite shore, gambling, storytelling, and bull sessions, reading, writing, scavenging for firewood or singing filled the day. Periodically a snowball fight might break out and everyone would rush to join in the combat.

    Hiram W. Hammond:

    Residence Campbell County GA;

    Enlisted on 8/12/1861 as a Private.

    On 8/12/1861 he mustered into "E" Co. GA 35th Infantry

    He was listed as:

    * Wounded 5/12/1864 Spotsylvania Court House, VA

    * POW 4/3/1865 Richmond, VA Hospital

    * Oath of Allegiance 6/26/1865 Newport News, VA

    * Released 6/26/1865 Newport News, VA


    * 4th Corporal (In 1863)

    * 3rd Corporal (In 1864)

    Inventory Number: CON 209