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  • Original Shell Fragment Recovered from Gettysburg Culp’s Hill


    Original Artillery Shell Fragment Recovered from Gettysburg Culp’s Hill - Inventory Number: GET 392

    Battle of Gettysburg

    Culp’s Hill, occupied by Union troops all three days of the battle, was the critical right flank of the Union defensive line at Gettysburg. At mid-morning on July 2, elements of the Twelfth Corps arrived to reinforce the hill, including the 1,400-man brigade of George S. Greene. He reported, “As soon as we were in position, we began to intrench ourselves and throw up breastworks...”

    That night, his New Yorkers successfully held off 4,700 Confederates and held the upper summit. Before sunrise on July 3, fighting resumed with 22,000 Union and Confederate soldiers battling for the hill. One Union solider said, “The whole hillside seemed enveloped in a blaze.” The Southerners attacked three times, but after six hours of fighting, the Union line held firm.

    This bullet is certified as original Civil War projectile recovered from the site of Culp’s Hill – Battle of Gettysburg.  Formerly part of the collection of Colonel Arthur S. Cunningham of Adams County and sold to the Union Drummer Boy Civil War artifact gallery on January 13th, 2023. The collection consisted of several thousand relics recovered from the Gettysburg Battlefield from the 1930’s onward.

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     Inventory Number: GET 392