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  • Pre-Civil War Box of “Lucifer” Matches / SOLD

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    Pre-Civil War Box of “Lucifer” Matches - Inventory Number:  CAM 472 / SOLD

    Complete box of early matches, which were frequently marketed as “Lucifers” at the time. The box is cardboard wrapped in green paper, with a wonderful label on the lid. “P. Cowee’s Super Chlorate Matches, or Lucifers, which instantly ignite by quickly drawing the sandpaper lightly over the Composition and warranted to keep perfect. West Boylston, Mass.” The box is completely full of the original matches and a piece of folded sandpaper. The bottom of the box is marked in period ink “1830,” from which this box could easily date. A very scarce example.

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    Inventory Number:  CAM 472 / SOLD