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Revolutionary War General’s Signature

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Revolutionary War General’s Signature - Inventory Number: REV 042

A general signed a pay order. This pay table office note is interesting, is that it is countersigned by Jedediah Huntington, major general intercontinental army general. Huntington was active throughout the early campaigns of the war. He was present in New York in 1776 and helped cover the retreat from the battle of Long Island. Later in the war, he was concerned with Commissary and supply. The custom of keeping top echelon men busy with trivial paperwork was as true during the revolution as it is today. This example is signed by Finn Wadsworth and Olivia Walcott signed in text by John Lawrence, Esquire treasure the payment is from the state of Connecticut dated February 14, 1783, for 208 pounds, and 10 shillings out of the tax two shillings, and six pence on the pound wonderful condition example contained within two pieces of glass with copper foil enclosure. A super attractive, historic early document.

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Inventory Number: REV 042