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  • Sharp’s Four Barrel

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    Sharp’s Four Barrel - Inventory Number: HAN 273

    .32 Caliber. The Sharps four-barrel pepperbox was manufactured in several models and in the tens of thousands from 1859 to 1874. The cleverly designed pistol fired rimfire cartridges loaded by sliding the four-barrel assembly forward. A firing pin on the hammer rotates each time the hammer is cocked to discharge each barrel in turn. Small and pocket-sized, the pistol was easily concealed and natural for self-defense. Some Civil War soldiers carried them into camp and created trouble when drunk or careless, but they are better known as a favorite of travelers, gamblers and denizens of the west. One was supposedly found on Wild Bill Hickok after his death- a handy backup piece at a poker table. It would display well in a grouping of Old West material.

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    Inventory Number: HAN 273