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  • Spectacular Example of a Sharp’s Cavalry Carbine New Model 1863 / SOLD

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    Spectacular Example of a Sharp’s Cavalry Carbine New Model 1863 - Inventory Number: RIF 198 / SOLD

    The .52 caliber breech-loading Sharps was one of the best liked and widely used carbines of the war, seeing service in all theatres in scores of cavalry units, north and south (the latter also producing their own version.) It was very popular before the war, being popularized for its role in Bloody Kansas, and continued in military service after the war in its metallic cartridge versions. This is a very good wartime example of this popular cavalry weapon.

    “New Model 1863” configuration, eliminating the superfluous patch box and using a larger and easier clean out screw. This one has smooth metal with lots of blue and subdued case color and has matching serial numbers. 

    The metal is exceptional and would rate excellent. The surface is smooth and the markings are crisp: SHARPS RIFLE / MANUFG CO. / HARTFORD, CONN” in front of the rear sight and “NEW MODEL 1863” between rear sight and breech. Only the “Manufg. Co.” on the high point of the barrel surface shows any wear. The receiver has the standard Sharps and Lawrence patent markings on the left and the Sharps marking on the right. The barrel retains better than 90 percent muted blue and the receiver shows significant remnants of case color, subdued and mottled in most places, but very evident on the right, around the hammer, a little on the straight breech and some along the side of the leaver, and on the rear of the plate. It is even stronger on the left breech, particularly moving forward from the base of the sling bar and onto the straight breech, and the side of the lever. The hammer shows a nice mix of caramel and subdued blue, as does the loading groove and the barrel band. The buttplate is more subdued, but smooth and the screw head shows some blue.  The barrel has three deep pitted gouges present.

    The wood rates very good, with butt stock and forestock showing dings from field use, but with good matching color and a tight fit to the metal.


    Inventory Number: RIF 198 / SOLD