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    Union Veteran’s Legion – Inventory Number: VET 245

    Encampment No. 3

    Wonderful Soldiers artwork containing the calligraphy names of the members of the post and the units they served. A castle adorned with a pair of American flags, one of which is constructed of original Civil War flag silk with the inscription: “This flag is two pieces of the 37th Ohio Regt. Flag”.  The castle walls contain detailed information on U.S. Presidents, Deceased comrades of the U.V.L., Generals from the state of Ohio, those killed in action, and more biographical information on Abraham Lincoln, and Rutherford B. Hayes of Ohio. 

    The Union Veteran Legion was formed in 1884. The requirements for membership was that UVL members were to have "volunteered prior to July 1, 1863, for a term of 3 years, and were honorably discharged". Service in the military had to be of at least 2 years in duration if the discharge was due to wounds encountered on the battlefield. Given these requirements, the membership of the UVL was many times smaller than that of the G.A.R.

    Bottom center is inscribed: “Compliments of J.S. Siefert”

    Joseph Siefert - Enlisted at the age of 24 on 9/10/1861 as a 1st Sergeant into Co. "I" of the 37th Ohio Infantry. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant 1/20/1865.  He was Mustered Out on 8/7/1865 at Little Rock, AR.

    Housed in its original oak frame with wavy glass, archival matting and backer materials have been added to protect from acid migration.  A wonderful piece of Civil War and Ohio history!  Frame measures 28 inches x 39 inches.

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    Inventory Number: VET 245