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  • Washington’s Farewell

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    Washington’s Farewell - Inventory Number: PRI 185

    Engraving features George Washington's farewell address to the nation, printed within an oval with decorative border showing scenes from Washington's life and a head-and-shoulders portrait of Washington at the bottom. Starting at top and moving clockwise, the scenes depict: "The Field of Monmouth", the "Tomb of Washington", "Washington Resigning His Commission", "Washington as a Farmer", "Washington on the Eve of Monmouth", "Marriage of Washington", and the "Birthplace of Washington". Includes an engraved example of his signature at the end of the address.

    Washington's farewell address / border drawn by W. Momberger, lettering by Wm. Kemble, engraved & published by J.C. Buttre, 48 Franklin St. N.Y.. Engraved & published by J.C. Buttre, 48 Franklin St. N.Y., [1856]

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    Inventory Number: PRI 185